I’m too lazy to commit, 8 weeks is the max I’ll do

We’ll thank goodness for these 30 day challenges, because we both know I am way too cheap/lazy to commit to a full gym membership. I like being able to do my own thing from home…for free.

I also like being able to pick a couple of challenges to do at once. I am SUPER great with starting these challenges, just not so great with finishing them.

To achieve something you’ve never achieved, you have to do something you’ve never done.

Motivation: Printing out these different challenges and putting them on the wall. For me there will be no complete day of rest. Yes, (never ‘yeah’) there are days of rest throughout each of these challenges BUT they never all fall on the same day. THUS I will always have something to complete each day.

Not going to lie, I was surprised at how much my arms hurt after the first day. BUT I knew that the pain meant things were working. I’m excited to get my jump rope in the mail tomorrow too so I can start that challenge. It will irk my OCD a a bit that I am starting that one 2 days later than all the rest. I’ll figure out how to rectify that.

I’m mostly excited for the “booty” challenge (the one with the Rosie the Riveter girl on it) purely because at the end of every workout I get to shout “I’M AWESOME AND MY BOOTY IS THE BOMB!


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