I smell like the reason I hate the gym.

Day 4: Regret.

Regret seeps through my pores stinking up the air around me…oh wait, no. What is that? Oh that’s, *pause*, yep that sweat. Sorry never mind. Where was I?

Sweat seeps through my pores stinking up the air around me forcing me to remember the reason I hate going to the gym. That nasty smell. Gross. *shiver*

It’s day 4 and my favorite part of my daily challenges is my shower at the end.

I have heard it said that, sweating is like a detox, getting all the nasty chemicals out of the body leaving you feeling cleansed and pure. FALSE! I mean the first part is right. All the nasty chemicals leave your body but them t hey just sit there, on your skin, smelling like the nasty gym. Blech.

I have already said a big fat “NO” to the jump rope challenge after my first failed attempt and jumping for 5 minutes straight. I thought it would be easy. I  have, however, found a different one that I will be replacing it with instead of just throwing the whole challenge away. This one seems much more doable.  Now I just need to print it out and add it to my wall.


For real though, I am enjoying the challenges. I think the big issue for me is that I am just a little impatient and I just want the results now. Alas, I must continue to smell like the reason I hate the gym until I have reshaped my body and life to my desire.

Post more recipes! And I don’t mean one with all the fancy kinds of flower and oils. Something this poor lady can make easily at home…that’s cheap. kiloveyoubye.


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