Well, it’s finally happened

What has happened? Tell me Katie! I must know lest my ears fall off due to the gossipy glue holding my ears to my head dry up and blow away like ashes in the wind!

Okay DAMN don’t be so dramatic!  Gosh.

I reached Day 8. Also known as, “I no longer enjoy running and would rather french kiss a hobo or marry a vegan than do another day of muscle-burning running where I eventually collapse into a melted pile of sweaty blubber by the 5th step I take” day. (“Day 8” is just easier to say.)

BUT nevertheless (I didn’t know that was all one word until just now) I persevered and did my run anyway. I did, by the last and final set, have to take a walk break for a few seconds…twice. BUT I paused the timer so I did still run the full 3 minutes. It’s hard. I’m just hoping my body can adjust to this new step to the run challenge. I wonder how quickly my body can adapt. *zones out and pictures an 8-legged image of a mutant adapted Katie who runs baller fast!*

Anyway, I also made more of my Spicy Crockpot Chicken last night so I have yummy food for today. 🙂

Okay I’m no longer motivated to type this. BUT there is my update and I will see you again same time(ish) tomorrow.



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