The “Clean Plate Club” is my life long enemy!

That’s right, you heard me. You know I was always the last one sitting at the table trying to stuff my gob becuase, as mom always said, “you won’t be in the Clean Plate club if you don’t finish your dinner.” MEANWHILE, YOU had already slyly slipped all your unwanted food under the table to feed the dog! Tricky B.

I do think though that becuase I was “trained” to eat everything in front of me, I am unable to stop eating whatever is put in front of me even now. That’s why the following things are now officially on my enemy list:

  • open bags of chips
  • cookie jars
  • cake
  • ice cream tubs, specifically the gallon size
  • open bars (haha jk)

Portion control, however, is my friend and ally. Always on my side and truly there to support me in my time of need when I desire to binge eat until I feel so incredibly full it makes thanksgiving day meals look like something that was scrounged up while trying to survive in the desert.

THUS I finally come to my point. I have found through doing portion control and only putting on my plate what I am supposed to eat, I feel more full when I have eaten everything in front of me.

I just did some of my meal prep for the TIU program and I am excited about this week’s snacks becuase they are all portioned out and ready to grab and go. Yes,  I am excited about that. And NO it is not pathetic or sad. But also, yes it is and I am not ashamed of it.


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