How To Kick Nutrition Plan Booty!

So I’ve been doing this meal prep/ nutrition plan thing for at least 2 and a half months now and I FOR SURE have come across some ways to help my lazy booty through the prep. I’ve also found way to get myself to eat/drink what I need to with minimal effort. ‘Tis lovely!

Because prep = success! 

So here are some of my tips/tricks I have come across to help with prep:

  • Get your Nutrition Plan printed and bound! It’s 110% worth it. It becomes your little bible you carry around everywhere!
  • Pre-read your meal plan for the upcoming week!
    • Write in any substitutes you want to make. (Actually write it in! It makes a difference. Pencil. Pen. Doesn’t matter.)
  • Buy a 28 oz. blender bottle and make those Bombshell Spells ahead of time! Saves so much time from having to do it each morning
    • When making the bombshell spell put the honey in first, then apple cider vinegar. Close the bottle and shake. That way the honey gets mixed in. THEN add the pineapple juice.
    • I found when adding the cold pineapple juice with the honey, the honey wouldnt blend as well.
  • Batch-make your dinners.
    • Sunday night I usually make something in a crock pot then save the leftovers for throughout the week. It’s way better than cooking every single night.
  • Overnight Oats – they make great easy substitutes for meals
    • When I go over my meals that I will be having for the upcoming week and I see something I KNOW I won’t feel like making or won’t enjoy, then I just sub in some overnight oats. I use the same 4 mason jars over and over.
  • Buy a water bottle that you like that HAS A STRAW!
    • This will help you to sip throughout the day instead of having to unscrew a top to drink. Much better.


Other Tips and Tricks:

  • Prep for bed! – That’s right, you heard me. I read about it in Gretchen Rubin’s book “The Happiness Project.” about 1 hr before you plan on going to bed, just pull down the sheets, get your pj’s on, brush your teeth, and do any other nighty night stuff you usually do before going to bed. That way, when you start to feel tired you can just crawl into bed.
  • A bed is for bed – Try not to watch TV or movies (or Netflix) in your bed because it trains your brain to expect it so when it is actually time for sleep it will be harder to fall asleep. Your brain will be expecting some entertainment.
    • I read before bed. I even read in a comfy chair in my room, not in my bed. When my eyes start to droop, I put the book down and crawl into bed.
  • Connect with other TIU (Tone It Up) Mermaids! – I have really enjoyed the FB TIU Girls page they have all been so helpful when I have questions about literally anything/everything!
  • SYC = Spin, Yoga, or Class – this is a nice way to break up your regular routine and go to a class at a local gym. Usually you can pay for a single class. I would plan ahead for this one. 🙂
  • If you want to get some TIU gear but don’t feel like paying full price, check out the Mermaid Market on Facebook. It’s all TIU girls who are selling their stuff for super cheap!

2 thoughts on “How To Kick Nutrition Plan Booty!

  1. Rachel says:

    Wash and cut all fruits and veggies when you get back from grocery shopping. They last longer and they are ready to go for any snack or meals needed.


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