Smoothie Heaven

Why do I love smoothies so much? Probably because they satisfy my milkshake craving while not adding any guilt about what I’m eating.



Anyways, I found this cool smoothie chart on pinterest. (If you click it, it will take you to the actual full sized link.) Very fun and it makes it easy to figure out what you want to put into a smoothie though I would say that not all the options on this chart are super healthy. But it is well organized.





This is what I put into my smoothies. (I’m pretty sure I got this recipe from you though so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

  • 1 container of fat free yogurt
  • 1 bananasmoothie2
  • a couple of strawberries
  • some frozen berries (these act like ice without making your smoothie watered-down)
  • 5-8 almonds
  • 4-5 leaves of spinach ( I never even taste them)
  • some vanilla almond milk to make it a little more liquid and less chunky



After I put all those in the blender I just blend them up. For me, what I really hate is cleaning up. That’s why I enjoy the blenders that gram got for us. Do you have yours out on the West Coast or is your still here in the East?



Either ¬†way, the only other thing I was thinking about adding to these smoothies that i have for lunch everyday, is some sort of protein something or other. Ashley used to add some protein stuff into her smoothies when we were in China and she swore by it Maybe I will ask her for that info and get back to you about it. I’ll keep you posted.