Meet The Challenges

There are 5 separate challenges I will be completing during this 8 week adventure. Allow me to introduce them. Each challenge specifically chosen to target a desired location on my body that I wish to reshape.


1: The  Booty Challenge:



Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce to you, the BOOTY challenge. This one is one that I am particularly excited about because I get to say ‘booty’ every time I talk about it and, even though there are no break days, it looks fairly easy.





2: The Push Up Challenge: 





I personally chose this challenge as a pit of a confidence booster. I think It starts off fairly easy and I am hoping that it will continue to grow at an easy pace. Plus look at all those little check boxes. SO SATISFYING!




3: The Jump Rope Challenge:




West Coast wanted to me to do a different jump rope challenge. I tried it for one day and basically made it 10 seconds in and almost died. Thus, the NEW jump rope challenge has arrived.




4: The Arms Challenge:



Arms, arms, arms. This one is nice because it shows you pictures of the moves you need to do. Good for the visual learner.


Also, beware! This one is deceptively easy. My arms hurt after the first day.





5: The Running Challenge: 



Last, but certainly not least, the running challenge. This little sucker is one picked out by the Wicked Witch of the West Coast herself! That’s right. But I’m gonna do it. Some people may not call what I do ‘running’ but, by gosh, it’s gonna have to do.